Do you think you are fast enough? Find out on our HOT LAP LEADER BOARD where you can see how fast you are against the competition. You will have a 10-minute session to put in as many laps as you can, but only your fastest lap will count. Enter as many times as you want to try and improve your lap time.

The prize? We are giving away a VIP 60 minute PLANE TOUR of Cape Town to the fastest individual of the HOT LAP LEADER BOARD. Soar to new heights and experience REAL SPEED in a Diamond DV 20 plane with a cruising speed of 256 km/h! Prize valued at R6000!

  • Pre Reg: N/A
  • From: Tuesday 1st October 2019
  • To: Thursday 31st October 2019
  • Entry:
    • Fee: R20
  • Prizes: A variety of gifts, check the prizes section for more detail!

  • The competition will take place on the Cadwell GP track.
  • The car of choice is the Caterham 620r.
  • The mode of choice is PRO with the driving line assist on only.
  • Each participant must pay the entry fee to enter the competition.
  • The fastest lap will be recorded at the end of a completed 10 minute session
  • Car: Caterham
  • Track: Cadwell Park
  • Difficulty: Competition
  • 1st: 1 Hour Flight over Cape Town for one person
    • Weight Limit – 120kgs
    • Flight time – 60 minutes
    • No alcohol or drugs (unless prescribed) during or before flight
    • Subject to weather
    • Booking essential
    • Day time only
    • Indemnity waiver to be signed
  • 2nd: JBL speaker
  • 3rd: 60 minute voucher for Virtual Realms
  1. Thabo Nkwana
  2. Matthew Moodley
  3. Muhammed Altaaf Hartley
  4. Nkuli Yende
  5. Kyle Matthews
  6. Victor Lemphane
  7. Nemanja Pavic
  8. Gordon Loxton
  9. Nishar Singh
  10. Tafara Muzanen Hamo
  11. Yashkir Ramsamy
  12. Paul Gerber
  13. Lester Potts
  14. Morne Greeff
  15. Chris Coertse
  16. Aashiq Abrahams
  17. Theno Roberts
  18. Damiane Van Reenen
  19. Philip Hewitson
  20. David Greyling
  21. Prashim Toolsee
  22. Prashim Toolsee
  23. Winston Du plessis
  24. Nithaar Parker
  25. Riyaad Lewis
  26. Amir Lewis
  27. Chad Speed Clayton
  28. Laeeq Henderson
  29. Daniel Nathan
  30. Stephen Bulcraig
  31. Michael Van Der Vendt
  32. Johann Grobler
  33. Pieter Visagie
  34. Heinre Olivier
  35. chris pienaar
  36. Ernest Page
  37. Alex Ferguson