We are proud to present our first ever Competition here at Virtual Realms, giving you the chance to win up to R3000! Play one of our most popular games, Beat Saber and slash your way to victory. The competition starts on the 1st of August and ends on the 30th of September. You can play as many times are you like to try top the leader board, and ensure your place as the sound warrior you always knew you were.

You can compete in all of the difficulties, normal, hard and expert but only allowed to win one of these categories. Each difficulty as a specific song that must be played in order to be eligible.

To enter a R100 fee must be paid in our store, located in Canal Walk, Cape Town. We're on the top floor above Spur & Dros, simply take the elevator at the back of the food court directly into our store. Once signed up, you'll be given a 15 minute session to start off with, and all sessions thereafter will be 50% off for the competition.

Good luck, and may the beat be with you!

  • Pre Reg: N/A
  • From: Thursday 1st August 2019
  • To: Monday 30th September 2019
  • Entry:
    • Fee: R100
    • Extra: Includes 15 minute session
    • Promo: 50% off normal prices for competition sessions
  • Prizes: Gift Cards

  • The competition will be BEAT SABER HIGH SCORE competition.
  • There are 3 different categories NORMAL, HARD & EXPERT.
  • Each participant must pay the entry fee to enter the competition.
  • All participants will be assigned a code to enter once the level is finished, to record scores on the leader board.
  • Only scores that are recorded with your code will be eligible.
  • A participant can attempt to achieve the goal of the competition as many times as they choose within the period on the competition.
  • Any cheating by the participant will result in disqualification from the competition.
  • A participant may not receive help/advice involving the gameplay from anyone while playing.
  • A participant may not substitute a player or use someone else’s code.
  • A participant may only win from 1 category per competition.
  • The next closest score will determine the winner in the event of multiple wins from a single player.
  • Levels:
    • What the Cat:
      • Difficulty: Normal
    • Cycle Hit:
      • Difficulty: Hard
    • Crystallized:
      • Difficulty: Expert
  • Modifications:
    • No Fail:
      • Allowed: Yes
      • Modifier: -0.50
      • Description: Unable to fail the song from player errors
    • No Bombs:
      • Allowed: Yes
      • Modifier: -0.10
      • Description: Remove bombs from the song, which can otherwise be accidentally hit
    • No Arrows:
      • Allowed: Yes
      • Modifier: -0.30
      • Description: Remove the direction that the note needs to be hit in
    • Faster Song:
      • Allowed: Yes
      • Modifier: +0.08
      • Description: Increases the speed of the song and notes by 30%
    • Ghost Notes:
      • Allowed: Yes
      • Modifier: +0.11
      • Description: The entire note will disappear when reaching the player
    • Slower Song:
      • Allowed: Yes
      • Modifier: -0.30
      • Description: Decrease the speed of the song and notes by 30%
    • No Obstacles:
      • Allowed: Yes
      • Modifier: -0.05
      • Description: Remove obstacles such as walls from the song
    • Disappearing Arrows:
      • Allowed: Yes
      • Modifier: +0.07
      • Description: Arrows on the notes will disappear as they reach the player
  • Normal: R1000 Canal Walk Gift Card + MSI Hamper
  • Hard: R2000 Canal Walk Gift Card + MSI Hamper
  • Expert: R3000 Canal Walk Gift Card + MSI Hamper
  1. Eckardt Pfaff
  2. Eduan de Witt
  3. Bianca de Witt
  4. Hugo Becker
  5. Heinre Olivier
  6. Christine de Nobrega
  7. Ayla de Nobrega
  8. Eugene Kleinhans
  9. Nigel Apolles
  10. Liam Apolles
  11. Morgan Blem
  12. Owen Read
  13. Carol Bosch
  14. Shaun Bosch
  15. Jesse McConnell
  16. Devon Morillion
  17. Tristan Steele
  18. Christian du toit
  19. Sherazaad abdool-basha
  20. Sumarie Esterhuizen
  21. Laura Shortridge
  22. Yaseen Haron
  23. keegan Marte
  24. Mamello Mokoena
  25. Bradley Van Der poel
  26. Max BIrch
  27. Ethan Birch
  28. Caellum Lincoln
  29. Stephan Conradie
  30. Daniel Boyd
  31. Sheldon Engelbrecht